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Welcome to the web’s largest porn for women site! Since 2003, For The Girls has offered top quality erotica to women who want something better from their porn – sex positivity, respect and a focus on female pleasure, not to mention seriously hot content.

Inside you’ll find a huge selection of sexy videos and photos created and curated for women alongside an entire online magazine. So you get thousands of sexy naked men, and a wide variety of straight couples porn, with priority given to female perspectives and pleasure. Combine this with exclusive steamy erotic fiction. columns, fascinating articles, sex advice, real-life stories, humor and lots more. This is real female gaze porn!

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We know that women enjoy mental stimulation as well. For The Girls gives you an entire online magazine with quality articles, columns, advice, health information, real life stories and humor. Plus well-written erotic fiction, created by women with female protagonists and perspectives. FTG has a massive archive of stories and a wealth of arousing scenarios, written by professional erotic fiction authors.


Reviewed By Jane’s Guide
“This site is a sex-positive, feminist, and out and out hot porn site and hip online webzine aimed at heterosexual women… The true genius of this place is that it dares to approach female sexuality in a sophisticated way without trying to remove any of the heat or humor. Intelligent, empowering, beautiful, and very sexy!”

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“I was impressed by the poetic style and quality of the writing, the hot men, some great photos and the added bonuses of audio stories and videos at For The Girls.”

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“It could only have been run by women, and they are doing a damned fine job.”


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From Bev
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing the world that women have their own sexual appetites.”
From Tess
“It is worth the money when it is ‘one-stop looking’, not having to chase all over the net to find good things FOR WOMEN!”
From Jasmine
“This site is so jammed packed and updated so frequently, that you can’t help but love it.”
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“Truly a site that brings sensuality to sexuality, and breeds liberation to those who are afraid to explore sex. 2 dicks up!”

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Reviewed By Andro Aperture

“I was very pleasantly surprised to see what was there- a buffet of interesting interviews, erotic stories, snippets of advice, and men, men, men… I’m sure any woman can find something she’d enjoy within For The Girls whether that be articles, smutty stories read aloud, or just hot hunks of manflesh.”

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For The Girls Is 20!

It’s our 20th Birthday! Where did the time go? 20 years of hot guys, quality porn for women and incredible erotic fiction. All right here in the one place.

For The Girls has always been about making sure women are acknowledged as an audience. Back when we started, people said “But women don’t watch porn! They’re not visual!” We knew better. FTG has long been an advocate of a woman’s right to pleasure. Our unique perspective on what is erotic and female friendly has been imitated but most don’t get it right. We’ve always centred the female gaze, female pleasure and female orgasm. And we’ll be here for many more years to come.

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