For The Girls is not just another porn site. It is the articulation of a philosophy.

Almost all sexually explicit material available today is designed for men. It reflects men’s fantasies and experiences, and embodies a particularly male view of sex. Too often it also depicts a negative stereotype of women, and presents sex as something nasty or dirty. Mainstream porn is stuck in a rut, using tired traditions and terminology that don’t reflect the real glory that is sex.

This site offers an alternative. We know women enjoy porn. We also know that women want something more positive, more emotionally honest, and more intelligent than the mainstream stuff. Something real. Something that depicts their fantasies and aims to create female satisfaction.

All of these “somethings” find their expression in erotica for women, and in For The Girls.

Our site is true erotica for women. It offers sexually explicit photos, movies and stories that focus on the woman’s pleasure. This includes everything from full hardcore photos to cunnilingus movies to erotic artwork to gentle pictures of kissing. All material has been chosen or created because it will appeal to heterosexual women.

It also offers photos of naked men with full erections, pictures that are still rare in today’s sex-soaked society. In a world that insists on keeping the phallus hidden, we’re proud to show pictures of dick.

For The Girls is also a full women’s magazine, complete with articles, interviews, advice, reviews and columns. We want to explore women’s issues, investigate new discoveries in health, and delve into the “dark continent” that is women’s sexuality. And we want to laugh, too. Sex is not a separate thing that can be set aside in a box called “porn”… it influences our lives in many ways. Our magazine reflects a holistic view of sexuality.

For The Girls is honest. We know that porn has a bad reputation, and we want to take a stand against that. We don’t spam, we don’t hijack browsers, and we don’t lie. We’re real women, and we offer real customer service. For The Girls is a full informative and entertaining package that gives value for money.

For too long women have been denied the right to look. We’re taking it back. .

For The Girls is run by two female webmasters who have been creating erotica for women online since 2000. We both passionately believe in what For The Girls stands for, and see our efforts as creating a positive space for women to enjoy their sexuality. FTG is an expression of what we ourselves wanted to see in a porn site.

For The Girls has been online since June 2003 and is one of the oldest and largest adult sites for women on the web.

Want further information? Please email us at webmaster AT forthegirls dot com with the subject header “Media” and we’ll get back to you!.