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eroticfictionFrom the very beginning, For The Girls has been a champion of erotic fiction for women. For many of us, romance novels and erotic stories are a gateway to sexual pleasure and reading them were our first steps into the wider world of visual and written erotica.

Naturally, For The Girls features a wide variety of sex stories covering a broad range of topics. Inside you’ll find beautifully written stories of sex with strangers, threesomes, first times, lesbian sex, affairs, fetish and kink, cunnilingus, worship and straight-up fucking. In the world of the imagination, there are no boundaries and no restrictions. Everything is possible.

And in our stories, women’s pleasure and women’s fantasies come first. FTG stories feature female points-of-view and give priority to a woman’s experience of sex and relationships. They’re more than just blow-by-blow descriptions of fucking. Instead, you’re invited to experience the emotions, the buildup, the context and the atmosphere in which sex takes place. Sensuality, connection, intense desire, longing, love and lust, all have their place in our erotic fiction.

Importantly, our erotic fiction is readable. The stories are extremely well written; the characters are believable, the plots compelling and story arcs, satisfying. If you want good grammar, punctuation and spelling in your sex stories (and so few of them offer this), you’ll find it here. Basically, if you’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey and you want something hotter or better, you’ll find what you need at For The Girls.

Over the years, some of the best-known of today’s erotica authors were first published at For The Girls – Sommer Marsden, Giselle Reynard, Gwen Masters, Angela Cameron and Penelope Friday are some of our regular authors. The site has also proudly featured many first-time erotica writers. You’ll find them all in our enormous archive.

For The Girls has also conducted erotic fiction competitions with impressive results. You gain access to all the winning and commended stories in the archive.

And if you’re in the mood for a bit of aural sex, there’s a fantastic selection of downloadable audio erotica, perfect for firing up the imagination and getting you in the mood.

We know that erotic fiction is an integral part of sexual expression for many women and we are extremely proud to offer such a high quality selection at For The Girls.

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