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We love cock! Never mind the old myth that “women aren’t visual” – we girls enjoy a good perve just as much as any guy. The naked, hard men at For The Girls satisfy every taste, be it beefcake muscles, thin guys, hotties with dad bods, older men or gorgeous guys next door. YOU’LL FIND THOUSANDS OF HOT NAKED MEN INSIDE!

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The hard cock. For too long it’s been hidden from view, shielded from the eyes of horny women the world over. But no more. We at For The Girls have been bringing you hard cock since 2003 and we’ll continue to uphold our solemn duty, happily presenting ever more lovely, thick, hard dicks to female eyes…

Masturbating Men

When a guy jerks off, you see a secret side of him, a special moment that isn’t normally shared with anyone else. A man always knows how best to give himself pleasure. Peeking in on a masturbating man is an intensely erotic experience; it’s a glimpse of a deeply personal act and it’s incredibly arousing. For The Girls brings you photos and movies of hot men stroking their hard cocks, bringing themselves to shuddering orgasm…

Every Kind of Guy

Men come in all different shapes, sizes and ethnicities and we love them for it. At For The Girls, there’s no rules as to what makes a hot guy. We just know it when we see it. So inside you’ll find all kinds of men, differing in age, ethnicity, cock size and appearance. The main thing is that they’re naked and they’re turning us on…

Cute Amateurs

Real guys can’t help it – they love sending in nude photos of themselves, eager for their own bit of FTG fame. We’ve got a selection of the best and brightest of the amateurs in his own photo set, complete with short bio and, occasionally, contact information…

Behind The Scenes

Not only do we bring you gorgeous centerfolds, beautifully photographed, we also give exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of photo shoots, plus candid interviews with these lovely men about what they do, what makes them happy and what turns them on. So come inside and say hello!

Beautiful Personalities…

Aiden has “fuck me” eyes. Orlando’s braids make him even sexier. Jack drops the towel after his shower and smiles. Jacob broods in the shadows with a cigarette. Allan has a cheeky smile and an uncut cock. Jair looks like the boy next door, naked in the sunshine. Brandon is a hot young thing. Mike’s cock reaches almost to his belly button when he’s hard. Anthony has an unusual masturbatory style. Sam’s face looks angelic when he comes.

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