FTGlogoFor The Girls is one of the oldest porn for women sites on the internet. It is a paysite that features videos and photos of couples having sex and men masturbating. It also offers an online magazine offering erotic fiction, articles, columns, confessions, audio stories and other content.

A Little Bit Of History

Original site owners Ms. Naughty and her collaborator Jane had been making small porn websites for women online since 2000, part of a small group of women who were revolutionizing online porn at the time. Their mission was to offer porn to straight women – an audience that had long been ignored by mainstream pornography. Very few people believes that women even liked porn at the time, though a growing market suggested otherwise.

Since 1999, Jane had run ForTheGirls.com as a small, free erotica for women website. In June 2003 the new, much larger paysite ForTheGirls.com was launched. The site offered mainly photographs at the time, although there were a smattering of very small videos available (this content still exists in the archive). It was originally all edited by hand with html. The site was revamped in 2006, in 2012 and in 2016.

Over the years FTG has grown and cemented its place as an important part of “porn for women” history. It’s been nominated for awards, held major erotic fiction competitions and featured in mainstream media.

Porn for Women?

For more than a decade, For The Girls has been a standard bearer for female gaze porn. The site has always been committed to offering porn that straight women will enjoy. The definition of porn for women has always been broad to the women who run the site – “porn for women” is not about specific content, it’s more about making a space for women where they can enjoy erotic content safely and respectfully, without the usual sexism, racism and cliches that accompany mainstream porn. It’s also about giving priority to a female perspective, celebrating female fantasies and focusing on female pleasure.


In 2016 For The Girls underwent a total revamp of the member’s area and tour. After the departure of Jane, Ms. Naughty is now curating and creating all of FTGs content.

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