For The Girls has always been a sex positive website. We strongly believe that good porn is should be ethical and always, always consensual.

All content featured at FTG was created using performers who were over 18 at the time of production and who provided written consent to appear in the films or videos.

Our site features a mix of content made by us and licensed non-exclusive content made by third-party filmmakers or photographers. We maintain files of the consent documentation and age verification of all participants. We have policies in place to facilitate a complaints process and removal of any content in the unlikely event it is found to be non-consensual.

Content made by us was created according to our own ethical guidelines. Performers were paid on the day and were given time to read the various consent and legal documentation. They were given a choice as to what they wanted to do on camera and could say no to anything. We have done our utmost to present our performers in a positive and respectful way and to show consent as part of the content.

Our site does not feature live streaming or user-uploaded content.

Our site does not condone or facilitate human trafficking in any way.

We are also a strong believer in the rights of sex workers and strongly oppose the conflation of consensual, legal sex work and human trafficking. We advocate for the decriminalization of sex work worldwide.