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Sex Swing

Katie knew that Pete had bought her something big for her birthday but she hadn't expected… this.

"There, baby, what do you think?" he'd said, smiling slyly. "More interesting than flowers, wouldn't you say?"

She'd opened her eyes to discover he'd installed a sex swing in the corner of their back room. The black harness was fixed firmly to the ceiling by a hook and hung on a spring above a mattress. The back support and stirrups were made of a soft, inviting fabric.

After the initial shock, Katie began to think of the possibilities. Her pussy clenched in response. She'd always liked the idea of a sex swing. They seemed like the ultimate decadence, something owned by people who threw orgies and fucked each other three times a day. People who were passionate enough about sex to install major equipment and put holes in their ceiling.

And she liked the idea of getting away from the bedroom too. Their back room was private and rarely used. Now it looked like some kind of nascent dungeon, an adult play area, in theory at least. She liked the idea that they might fuck each other here, in broad daylight, like porn stars or urgent, illicit lovers, giving themselves over to simple lust without any other consideration.

Best of all, she liked the idea of being held, suspended, spread open and ready for licking and fucking, unable to escape.

She found herself incredibly turned on.

Katie turned to Pete and gave him a long, lingering kiss. "I love it," she whispered into his ear.

"I'm so glad," he murmured back. "I was worried you wouldn't like it."

She pulled back to look at him, the corner of her mouth turned up. "Well, I guess if I can't have flowers I'll have to settle for you fucking me long and hard while I'm totally naked and suspended in a sex swing, completely at your mercy. Ho hum."

He grinned and they kissed again, lips crushed together and tongues meeting hungrily, lustily.

Within moments they had both shed their clothes, eager to try out their new toy. It took a few minutes to work out which harness went where, and all the while Katie's pussy was throbbing with anticipation. At last she was strapped in, reclining back with one leg in each stirrup, suspended in the air with her thighs wide open. Her cunt felt hot and exposed, wet and waiting

Pete stepped back and took time to admire his wife. She looked so beautiful, trussed there before him. Her nipples were huge and erect. Her labia were pulsing with blood, flowering open and ready and her clit was hard, protruding upwards. Everything about her turned him on. His cock stood to attention, saluting her pure fuckability.

He adjusted the harness so it dropped close to the mattress. He lay on his back beneath her, his head between her legs, and proceeded to taste her dripping liquid, carefully running his tongue up and down her slit, tracing the tip along every fold before focusing on the glorious bud at the top. He licked with a certainty born of long practice, knowing just the right pace and pressure to bring her to orgasm.

It didn't take long. Katie was afire with erotic energy, her imagination stirred by the mere experience of sitting in the sling. His tongue was a whip of focused pleasure, drawing her consciousness to her clit and fixing it there, a slave to intense sensation. Her orgasm was almost too fast, causing her to writhe against the harness, rocking and moaning.

"Good, baby?" Pete asked, licking his lips and smiling.

She rolled her eyes and nodded, giving a weak smile.

"My turn, I think."

She liked the idea of being held, suspended, spread open and ready for licking and fucking...


Crawling from under her, he adjusted the swing to waist height. Positioning himself between her legs, he gripped her hips and thrust into her cunt, his cock sliding easily into her still-quivering cunt flesh. He groaned, momentarily shaken by the pure thrill of fucking. It was as if Katie were weightless, a glorious suspension of woman, impaled on his hard member as though it were an obscene fulcrum.

He began to fuck, slowly and deliberately, his eyes drawn to the vision of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt, slick with the juices of her pleasure. As his speed increased, the swing gained momentum, almost like a pendulum, bouncing her with increasing force onto his manhood, eliciting moans from them both.

Katie reached down and began to rub her clit. The need for orgasm was growing in her again. Being fucked like this was incredible. She enjoyed the feeling of powerlessness, of being a trussed toy, open and available for penetration, with no control over her own movements. Pete was in charge here, and she liked it. Again, she felt like some kind of hedonistic pervert, the kind who abandons herself to sex with little heed to consequence or logic. Pleasure was the only rule, and she welcomed it.

She felt her orgasm swell, demanding for release. Carefully she held off, her eyes on Pete's face, waiting. He had his eyes closed, lost in the sensuality of it. A little furrow worried his brow, and he was half biting his lip, steadily increasing his rhythm, thrusting deeper and deeper into her, the tempo building to a frenzy.

At last his climax arrived, and she let her own barriers down, rubbing her clit furiously as he fucked her cunt hard. She came, perhaps a few seconds after him, her pussy clenching around him, hugging him, welcoming him.

He collapsed back onto the mattress. She hung limp on the swing.

"Best. Birthday. Present. Ever..." she said between breaths.


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