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By The Campfire

Simone took several deep breaths of the cool night air with satisfaction. The stars were out, and the night was unusually warm. Crickets chirped conspiratorially, sharing their own secrets, oblivious to the human intruders in their midst.

Surprisingly for this time of year, they were alone at the campsite. It was just her and Gavin, both of them thrilled to have the place to themselves, surrounded by the towering trees of the forest, snug within the circle of light from the glowing fire.

They’d hiked several miles that day, bathed by a waterfall and shared a simple evening meal. They’d said few words all day, each comfortable in the other’s company and not fearful of silence.

Now Gavin emerged from the tent and spread his beloved and extremely scruffy “bear rug” on the ground by the fire. Grinning, he sat on it and patted the empty space beside him.

“Saved a spot for you.”

Simone returned his smile, a blossom of gratitude erupting in her stomach. She’d been alone so long, and finally, finally, she’d found someone that was right. They’d been together for nearly a year now, and every day he found a new way to make her smile. She couldn’t remember ever being so totally in tune with another person, and she still found herself feeling like the luckiest woman in the world.

She loved the way he had three sugars in his coffee. She admired his passionate love of nature. She found his tattoos positively rebellious. And she couldn’t get enough of his beautiful, strong body.

Now his muscular arms were reaching for her, and she was enveloped in an embrace like coming home. His kisses were gentle and loving at first, but soon they became more urgent. He began kissing her neck, on the spot that always made her shiver, and she giggled at the sensation. His fingers were pulling at her shirt buttons, easing their way past her bra and tweaking her rapidly hardening nipples. She did her own exploring, wriggling her hand into his pants and grasping his hard cock.

Before long they were both naked. Simone silently thanked whatever fortuitous circumstances had caused everyone else to stay away. It was such a rare thing to be nude like this, completely exposed under the stars without a care as to who might be looking.

Gavin lay on his back and beckoned her to him. They kissed again, skin against skin, his breath soft in her mouth. She imagined they were the only two people in the world, Adam and Eve, alone in the flickering light of the fire.

“I want to taste you,” he said, licking his lips and smiling.

Simone obliged, straddling his face and lowering her pulsing, wet pussy onto his mouth. She loved the idea of smothering him with her juices, of his whole world becoming her cunt.

Explosions of pleasure blasted upwards through her body as he applied himself, swirling, licking and sucking at her folds and clit. Her orgasm was rapid, and immensely satisfying.

She always felt powerful doing this, controlling his cock...

Thighs still trembling, she moved down his body and knelt between his open legs, taking his hard cock into her mouth, eager to return the favour. His body jerked occasionally as she sucked, his hands gently reaching for her face as the pleasure overtook him. She always felt powerful doing this, controlling his cock, taking him to the very edge of climax.

At the last moment she moved up and impaled herself on his cock, riding him like a wild woman, uninhibited and abandoned to pleasure. She rubbed her clit frantically, feeling the orgasm build, and reached her second peak just as Gavin exploded, her pussy clenching around his pumping cock.

They lay together exhausted on the rug, looking up at the stars and listening to the crackle of the fire. Gavin took her hand in his, and they both dozed. Eventually they moved into the tent and slept.

The next morning they breakfasted while still nude, and made love again.

An hour later they heard the sound of an engine and hurriedly dressed, both cursing that their erotic isolation had come to an end.

It was the ranger. He drove up to their campsite and got out, frowning.

“Didn’t you see the sign?” he asked, eyeing their tent.

“Sign?” asked Gavin, shrugging his shoulders.

“Yeah. The one at the entrance to the park. It says ‘Campsite closed for regeneration.’”

“Oh, sorry, I must have missed it,” Gavin said, and he turned and quickly winked at Simone. She realized he’d known all along.

They paid the fine, and Simone didn’t mind one bit.

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