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Lisa found herself wondering at the whole situation. Here she was, sitting half-dressed on the couch between her husband of six years and a gorgeously well built and exceedingly suave male escort. They were all sipping drinks and courteously discussing the weather as if what was about to happen were a normal, everyday occurrence. Her heart was beating madly, her panties were soaked in anticipation, and yet it all seemed so terribly unreal.

It was all her idea, of course.

“I want you to watch me fuck another man,” she’d casually whispered over dessert at their favorite local restaurant.

Jack’s eyebrows had shot up in surprise, shocked more by the location of her suggestion than the content of it. They’d shared fantasies before; he knew of her wandering eye, and her lush fantasies of double-cocked pleasure. He was turned on by it, she knew.

“Are you serious?” he’d breathed back, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“Of course,” she said, deliberately licking the chocolate from her spoon, letting her mouth linger and her tongue swirl. “I’m ready to go beyond just my imagination. I want to know what it’s like. In the flesh. And I want you to watch me. And join in. And lick me while he’s fucking me.” Just saying the words had made her cunt throb excitedly.

“Hmm,” he said, sitting back and appraising her. She could see luscious, lascivious thoughts flickering behind his eyes like an old-fashioned dirty picture show. “Who will it be?” he finally asked.

She had it all figured out. “Oh, not anyone we know, hon. That’s just too damned complicated… and besides, all your male friends are probably crap in bed. No, let’s get us a male prostitute. Easy. And he’ll know what he’s doing.”

"Hon, come and fuck me while I suck his dick. Fuck me hard, baby."

They’d spent weeks planning the scenario, working out arrangements and auditioning their “stud”. The anticipation had been exquisite, and they’d enjoyed some of the wildest, most passionate sex in the interim. Lisa couldn’t help thinking that her suggestion was well worth it, whether they went ahead with the plan or not.

And yet here they were, on the couch, with Lisa wondering how to kick it all off.

The male escort, Cameron, was everything she’d hoped for. Darkly handsome with a quiet, confident voice, his eyes had studied her with appreciation. During that first interview she’d been struck by the genuine interest he seemed to have in his work. It seemed that pleasing women wasn’t just a day job, it was his vocation, a calling. She could tell that this was a man who loved women.

The conversation had reached a lull, and Cameron leaned in to kiss her. His lips were soft and she could taste the bourbon he’d been drinking. She found the experience of kissing another man thrilling, and couldn’t wait to feel his lips on other parts of her body.

She wriggled out of her skirt as Jack pushed up her skimpy pink top, happily applying his mouth to her now exposed nipple. Cameron resumed kissing her, his hand moving gently down her belly and easing its way into her underpants. His fingers brushed against her dark pubic hair before wriggling their way into her soaking slit. She gasped as he found her already-hard clit and began to work it.

Lisa found herself grinding her hips against his hand, wanting to fuck his probing, thick fingers.

Jack had taken off his clothes and was now watching them intently. She met his eyes with a sly grin. Are you enjoying this baby? she thought.

Now Cameron helped her out of her panties and pushed her back into Jack’s lap, gently opening her legs and nuzzling his way down to her crotch. Lisa sighed with pleasure as his tongue plunged into her cunt, soft wetness against wet softness. Cameron inserted two fingers and began to massage her g-spot while he lapped. Jack reached down to suckle her breast, his familiar mouth contrasting with the strangeness of the one at her pussy.

This, she thought. This is pure bliss. She reveled in their tongues against her flesh, in their eagerness to taste and smell her. She wanted to come then and there, but it was too soon, too soon. Reluctantly, she pushed them both away.

“Stop,” she ordered, wriggling around so that she now lay on her back, her mouth beneath Cameron’s cock. “Hon, come and fuck me while I suck his dick. Fuck me hard, baby.”

She took the strange cock into her mouth, tasting saltiness. It was a little bigger than Jack’s and the head felt different beneath her tongue. It was new, and different, and very exciting. Cameron moaned slightly, and she felt a moment’s delight at having caused this professional some pleasure, a moment of vulnerability. Jack knelt between her legs and hurriedly entered her, beginning to fuck her with an urgency born of sheer need.

Lisa felt another moment of strangeness. Here she was, spread across the couch with a hard cock at each end like some kind of porn star or a wild, wanton woman. She was a sex goddess, ruling over the pleasure of these two men. The thought made her feel like she could do anything and be anyone. It almost made her come. Almost.

She made them stop and take a drink. She sipped her wine for a moment, trembling, feeling the twinges of her orgasm quivering around her pelvis. She knew how she wanted it, and now was the time.

She had discussed it with both of them, and at a nod from her they moved into position. Cameron seated himself on the couch, his big cock sticking up towards the ceiling. Lisa squatted over him, facing outwards, and lowered herself onto his throbbing flesh, her pussy eagerly enclosing him.

For a moment Jack stood back, admiring the sight of his wife impaled against the tanned body of Cameron, and then he kissed her.

“You look so beautiful, baby,” he said, smiling.

His lips moved briefly to her nipples before he dipped his head to her crotch. Cameron began to move his cock gently in and out as Jack applied his tongue to Lisa’s clit, licking quickly and firmly.

The sensation was exquisite, as was the realization that her fantasy had been made a reality. Here she was, fucked by one man while being licked by another. With a satisfied sigh, she surrendered to her orgasm, bucking wildly as the pleasure overcame her senses.

Leaning against Cameron’s chest, she felt Jack’s lips against her own and returned his kiss with a lazy smile.

“Was it everything you hoped for, babe?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said smiling. “Even better. Thank you, hon. Thank you so much.”

“So…” Jack said with a hopeful look, “how about another woman next time?”

Lisa laughed. “Ha! Sounds fair to me. Cameron, have you got a girlfriend?”

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