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Lia and the Queen

They'd locked the doors for the night.

The Queen and LiaSlave girl Lia waited, feeling apprehensive. What duties would she be expected to perform? She'd only heard vague whisperings of what went on in this chamber, hushed mentions of lust and lascivious desires.

The Queen had made her choice earlier that evening at dinner. Lia had been serving the wine when the elegantly jeweled hand had shot out and grabbed her wrist, drawing her closer to the royal gaze. The Queen had studied the girl's face before letting her eyes travel down Lia's body, clad only in a simple white shift, a sly smile spreading across her face.

She abruptly gestured to her male servants. "Bring her."

Thus she'd been escorted here, dressed in more elaborate, silken garments and left to await the Queen's pleasure on a lustrously exotic bed.

She'd had precious little experience of what went on in such beds. Sweaty, unsatisfying entanglements with the stablehands amid the straw and smell of horseflesh didn't compare with this situation. She licked her lips nervously.

The Queen entered the room and Lia drew in her breath. The Mistress of the Palace was a beautiful woman with a strong demeanor, dressed richly in sequins and silk and smelling lushly of expensive perfume. She smiled indulgently at Lia.

"Open your legs. I want to see your cunny."

"Now, my sweet slave… what can we teach you this evening?" She approached the bed, and Lia quivered a little. "Oh, come now," the Queen said, sitting gently down beside her and cupping the girl's cheek in her palm. "There's no need to fear me, my little flower. We are here for pleasure, not pain."

The Queen drew her in and kissed her, the older woman's soft lips tasting faintly of wine. Lia abruptly sat back, conflicted. The brief kiss had ignited a fire in her loins, unexpectedly pleasurable yet at odds with who and what she thought she was.

The Queen laughed. "Seems the accepted perversions accorded to royalty are not so unusual, eh my sweet?"

Lia's heart was thumping, yet she didn't resist when the Queen kissed her again. No man had ever kissed her this way. No man had ever been as gentle.

The Mistress eased Lia's garment off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. Leaning in, she took Lia's nipple in her mouth and sucked, swirling the tongue around the aureole. The slave girl felt herself responding, feeling a pull deep in her pelvis and an accompanying wetness between her legs.

"Let's see more of your lovely body, shall we my pet?" With careful hands, the Queen helped Lia remove her clothes, kissing her flesh at random points, causing shivers to ripple across Lia's exposed skin. Once her quarry was naked, the Mistress removed her own clothes, revealing firm breasts and a dark patch of fur between her legs.

"Lie back," the Queen commanded, and Lia, accustomed to following orders, complied, still nervous but also increasingly excited by the situation. "Open your legs. I want to see your cunny."

Lia spread her legs, exposing her increasingly wet pussy to the gaze of her Mistress. The thought of being desired by this powerful woman was jarringly erotic. Lia found herself waiting expectantly for the touch of another woman, her first.

The Queen gently stroked a single finger along Lia's damp slit, briefly brushing over her clit. The slave girl shuddered slightly, now wanting more but unable to ask or demand. After a few moments the older woman spread open her labia, admiring the moist pink flesh inside and the small, throbbing pearl.

With a smile, the Queen dipped her head and began to tongue Lia's clit. Expertly she teased the bud before lowering her mouth and sucking on it. Carefully she slid two fingers into Lia's vagina and pressed upwards

The slave girl thought she might swoon with delight. She'd never experienced such a sensation before and was amazed that her body could produce such pleasure. She writhed under the Queen's tongue, searching for the raw peak of bliss until finally she came, a sudden burst of ecstasy coursing through her body.

She lay back, panting. After a moment she came to her senses and realized the Queen was looking at her expectantly.

"Well, my girl. You are easily taught, it seems. Now it's your turn to give your Mistress her pleasure." Laying beside the slave girl, the Queen took Lia's hand and guided it to her own damp crotch.

Hesitantly, Lia plunged her finger into the hot wetness between her Mistress' legs. She'd never touched another woman's cunny before, and she was amazed by the silky smoothness and pulsing heat beneath her fingertip. She felt her loins contract with further excitement.

"Now you must rub my clitty, my lovely apprentice," the Queen said, and Lia did as she was told, massaging the hard nodule as best she could. She felt a small thrill of satisfaction to see her Mistress tensing under her touch, clenching her buttocks and opening her legs wider. "A little faster," breathed the Queen, her forehead creased with increasing pleasure, and Lia increased her speed. On a whim she leaned down and kissed the older woman's nipple, an initiative that obviously pleased the Queen.

"Wait," sighed the Mistress after several minutes. "You're… a natural… my sweet. Now, let's put your tongue skills to the test, shall we?"

Unsure of technique but determined to try nonetheless, Lia positioned herself between the Queen's legs and applied her mouth, doing her best to imitate what the Mistress had already performed on Lia's own cunny.

It obviously worked. Within seconds the Queen was gasping, grabbing handfuls of silken sheets and thrusting her cunny up into Lia's face with increasing ferocity. Lia licked hard and fast, wanting to please the older woman just as she herself had been pleased. It took longer than expected, but finally the Mistress bucked beneath her lips and was spent.

The Queen, still panting hard, studied her from beneath lazy, lowered eyelashes. "You," she said. "What's your name?"

"Lia, Mistress."

"Well, Lia, I think it's time I promoted you away from the kitchens. Talent like yours should not be wasted. Of course, you'll need a lot more training. Indeed, I think you need to be trained, hard, every night. Wouldn't you agree?"

Lia smiled. "Yes, Mistress."

The Queen grinned and pulled the slave girl down into her embrace.

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