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Valentine's Day

Annika made the final adjustments to her makeup and wondered what Bob had in store for their Valentine's Day date tonight. Frankly, she didn't expect much. Sure, Bob was a great guy, and they got along well, but the man was born without a romantic bone in his body. His idea of a perfect evening seemed to involve a plate of Nachos and a Farrelly Brothers DVD.

The mirror reflected her mouth as it twisted in a wry smile. He probably would have completely forgotten Valentines if she hadn't given him several large hints about it. The well-placed jewelry catalogue didn't get his attention as much as her loud musings about lingerie, but it had worked out well enough in the end.

"Happy Valentines Day," he'd told her on the phone this morning, a smile in his voice. "Let's do something special tonight."

Annika fervently hoped that "something special" didn't involve organized sports.

The doorbell rang. She hurriedly smoothed her hot pink dress, checked herself in the mirror and moved across the living room to the door.

She opened it to find Bob standing there holding a huge bunch of pink carnations, his face lit up by an eager smile that belied the intense look in his eyes. She couldn't help grinning back at her boyfriend of six months. He'd never bought her flowers before. This could be the start of something wonderful.

He quickly stepped into the room and raised a finger to her lips. "No talking," he said. She raised her eyebrows in surprise as he reached down and took her hand. With a flourish he raised it to his lips, brushing her knuckles with a gentle kiss. "Madam, I come to give you pleasure," he said. "I am your servant."

Annika smiled at his dramatics, wondering what he had planned, and allowed herself to be led to the couch.

He continued to hold her hand, caressing it gently as they sat down.

"Anni," he said in a low voice, "I know I can be a bit of an idiot sometimes, but I want you to know how special you are to me. This last six months have been the best time of my life. Thank you."

"I want to touch you, to taste you. I want to lick your pussy so much..."

Annika felt a tightness in her throat. This was the most romantic thing he'd ever done. She felt a little guilty at her previous negative thoughts. She leaned over and kissed him, her lips hungry for his touch. He responded with a hard eagerness and she could feel the emotion behind his kiss. She opened her mouth to his probing tongue, and felt a sudden tension between her legs.

Bob pulled back and looked into her eyes. "And I want you to know that I think you're beautiful. I can't get enough of you. Just thinking about being with you makes me forget what I'm supposed to be doing. It's a real problem at work. I imagine your nipples and next thing I know I've been standing there for five minutes doing nothing."

She laughed and cupped his face with her hands.

"I can't stop thinking about your body," he continued huskily. "I want to touch you, to taste you. I want to lick your pussy so much. Let's not go out tonight, baby. I want to fuck you, right now."

Annika had been growing wetter with every word. She nodded eagerly, pulling him to her again and kissing him hard.

He pulled her dress down and began to lick her nipples, swirling his tongue around the aureole. She moanedand threw her head back in pleasure.

"So perfect, so perfect…" he whispered as he removed her dress and inched her panties down over her thighs. She watched him take off his clothes, and found herself looking at his body with lust. She loved his strong biceps, his tight butt, and his lovely long cock. It gave her shivers just anticipating the feel of it inside her. It always filled and stretched her, making her cry out for more.

He pushed her back on the couch and pushed her legs open, taking a moment to admire her pussy. He kissed her mound lovingly, and then pushed his wet, soft tongue between her folds, finding her clit and licking it with practiced ease.

She writhed in pleasure, whimpering as he tongued her to the very edge of an orgasm, her breath coming in short gasps. Suddenly he stopped, grinning.

Bob shifted position, moving over her and gliding his hardness into her wet, waiting cunt. He leaned forward to kiss her, and they moved together, slowly at first, and then with increasing speed. Annika reached down and caressed her throbbing clit. It only took a few strokes before her long-delayed orgasm crashed over her and she cried out with pleasure.

Bob kept pumping through her climax, watching her face as the joy subsided. "I love how you look when you come," he said.

She simply smiled and pulled him down to her, kissing him. He began to fuck her harder now, until finally, he stiffened and spent himself inside her.

Annika sighed, glorying in the afterglow and the weight of her lover in her arms. After a few moments he moved beside her, and they dozed together.

She woke to find him gone and her chest strewn with flowers. Part of her wondered if it had all been a pleasant dream until she noticed the handwritten note on the coffee table.

Tomorrow, by the river, it read.

Annika smiled.

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