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Happy Campers

Gina and Mickey had set up their camp in the afternoon. Their long trek through the reserve had led them to a beautiful clear area by a stream. They were miles from anywhere, and it was unlikely they'd see another soul until they returned.

They had the wilderness completely to themselves.

Gina admired Mickey's strong legs, and his gorgeous tight butt, covered in walking shorts. She felt a glow of self-satisfaction in knowing that this glorious specimen of manhood was all hers.

Mickey finished lighting the fire, and spread out a picnic rug. Then he took her in his arms.

"We're all alone here," he said, smiling. "We can do whatever we want."

Gina grinned back. "And what did you have in mind?"

He kissed her hungrily, and she smelled his unique scent, a mix of sweet cologne and the sweat from the walk. His lips were soft as they caressed hers, and she answered his probing tongue with an open mouth.

He unbuttoned her shirt, and slowly removed it, before dropping to his knees and kissing her belly, sending shivers across her abdomen. He unbuttoned her shorts and inched them down, kissing lower as Gina threw her head back and sighed. His hands circled her buttocks, and he ran his hands along the creases at the bottom, making her shiver as his fingertips just brushed past her pussy.

"We're all alone here," he said, smiling. "We can do whatever we want."..

Eager now, she stood and began to undo his shirt, and then quickly pulled his pants down to his ankles. His cock was hard, and she always loved to look at its slightly curved, unique shape. This penis was hers, too, and she took it in both hands, rubbing it up and down so that he moaned with anticipation.

Both naked now, they stood and kissed again, their hands roaming freely over each other's bodies. His fingers found her nipple, and gently squeezed, while she stroked his smooth back and butt.

Suddenly he laughed and used his incredible strength to lift her up, spinning her around in the process, and then, in an instant, his tongue was in her cunt, lapping at her clit and sliding up and down her folds. Faced with his cock, she reciprocated, taking the length in her mouth and sucking, while revelling in the sensations between her own legs. The blood rushed to her head, and it seemed to intensify the feeling, so she was soon quivering with delight.

He couldn't hold her up for long, and so lifted her down to the rug, gently lying her back and spreading her legs, so he could see all of her, open to the sky and glistening with her own juices. He knelt down and began to suckle on her breast, while his fingers gently probed her folds, expertly rubbing her clit so that shivers enveloped her. Soon he had moved his head between her legs, replacing his fingers with his tongue, running it up and down the full length of her slit, and poking it inside before earnestly licking her clit with long, hard strokes

Her orgasm seemed to build slowly, until he placed a finger inside her and stroked her g-spot. Then it all happened too quickly. The pleasure came crashing down like an avalanche, and she was moaning and writhing like a wild thing. He kept licking the whole time, until the last of the shivers subsided, and then watched her with a smile as she recovered and opened her eyes.

It was his turn now, and she happily accepted his cock into her cunt, her eyes gleaming with love as she watched the pleasure transform his face. It was always a joy to see him like this, revelling in her body without a care in the world. He moved slowly at first, drawing his dick all the way out before plunging it in again, but it wasn't long before the need took him, and she accepted all of him as his strokes become faster, and more urgent. Soon the orgasm shook him, and he collapsed forward into her arms with a long grunt, burying his pleasure deep within her.

They lay together, spent, for a few minutes. Gina became aware of the sky above her, growing pink in the twilight. A bird twittered nearby, and she felt completely happy.

There were another three days of camping to go. It would be bliss.

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