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Examination After Hours

Nurse Ashley was reading Doctor Jordan a report, but the handsome gynaecologist didn't seem too interested in medical history. It was late, and the hospital was almost deserted...

He was leaning in towards her, ostensibly to read the chart, but his blue eyes caught hers and held them.

"You are an extremely beautiful woman," he said quietly.

She could smell his musky scent as he leaned in to kiss her. She knew something special was about to happen...

His lips were soft, his tongue was long and insistent, and she felt herself quivering within.

His hand inched inside her uniform, past her lacy bra, brushing her nipple with confident, expert fingers. It hardened, and sent shivers across her breast, and her whole body. Soon he had her heavy flesh in his hand, holding her breast possessively.

Nurse Ashley felt her heart beat faster as he unbuttoned her uniform. Slowly he eased the starched material away from her body, revealing her flimsy white bra and panties. He kissed her neck, and under her chin, and goose bumps followed his hot touch.

"Hmmm. I think you're going to need a good licking," he said...

"I think you'd best get undressed," he said, his voice taking on a commanding tone. He stood back and watched her remove her underwear, his eyes raking her slim body. Her panties were soaked as she took them down, revealing her trimmed pubic hair and slightly protruding lips.

"Impressive," Doctor Jordan said, stepping forward and pushing his index finger into her soft wetness. She let out of moan of tension as he ran his finger all over her vulva, in and around the soaking folds, briefly across her swollen clitoris and dipping quickly into her cunt.

He stepped back and tasted his finger scientifically. "You'll definitely have to be examined," he decided, pointing towards the examination table with a serious expression.

She climbed up on the table and lay back, full of anticipation, as Doctor Jordan walked to the end. "Open your legs," he demanded.

She put both her feet on the edges of the table, exposing her nakedness to his gaze. His face was stern as he studied her pinkness. With both hands he spread her wide open, pulling back the hood of her clit so it shone and throbbed in the light. He pushed a finger, then two, into her and moved them in and out, slowly, inexorably. Her juices covered his hand.

"Hmmm. I think you're going to need a good licking," he said.

With that, he bent down and began to gently lap at her folds, covering every inch of her femaleness with his tongue. He swirled it around her clit and rubbed it up and down, then dipped it into her vagina for a few moments before returning.

Inserting his two fingers again, he licked her clit for what felt like hours, pushing her higher and higher into a cloud of absolute ecstasy. She could feel her muscles contracting, as every nerve fired and fired again in exquisite joy. It wasn't long before she came.

He gave her little time to recover.

"Stand up, and bend over," he commanded, taking off his white coat and unzipping his trousers. Trembling, she did as she was told, leaning over the examination table, baring her ass and dripping cunt to him.

His cock was huge. She gasped as he slid it deep into her, hitting her cervix with medical certainty. She reached under to stroke her still quivering clit as he began to move in and out, her cunt enveloping him in hot wetness.

His excitement mounted and he gripped her hips as he pounded her cunt. She stroked her clit harder until the next orgasm came crashing down, tightening her around him in wave after wave of pleasure. He came soon after, gasping, filling her with hot juices, collapsing onto her back.

"Did I do OK, Doctor?" Nurse Ashley asked some minutes later.

"No," he said, smiling. "I think we'll need to do a lot more tests."

Nurse Ashley quivered at the thought, and grinned.

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