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The Picnic

The checked picnic blanket contrasts sharply against the dark green grass and cloudless blue sky, but that's how it's meant to be. Brett has laid out the picnic beneath a majestic oak tree, which lends its shade and gravitas to the scene. I look forward to the feast - there's camembert cheese, crackers, strawberries, cold ham, and mangoes for dessert.

Brett pours the wine. The chardonnay is a cool yellow and slops against the glasses. It's refreshing and intoxicating, and I savour the taste on his lips as he kisses me.

There is no one for miles around. It's like we own the whole world. The grass is swaying gently in the breeze as though it is bowing to us. We are the king and queen of our own universe, and today we are feasting on each other.

His face is buried deep in my pussy and I am in heaven...

He feeds me a strawberry; its juice dribbles from the corner of my mouth, and he licks it clean, then kisses me again.

I help him remove his shirt, one button and kiss at a time. He helps me out of my dress, with much tickling. Our underwear is a nuisance, and banished accordingly. Naked, the sun dapples our skin with speckles of pure light beneath the oak. The breeze is cool around my nipples, but they are hard with desire now.

We lean against the trunk, and kiss and kiss. And we toast each other, revelling in our own naked beauty and the joy of being together. We taste like fine wine.

He nibbles my earlobe, and the shivers travel down my body like steam trains on nerve lines. He kisses my neck and I arch in pleasure as he moves down to take my nipple in his mouth. His lips are warm, his tongue wet as it leaves small trails around the aureole. Now he suckles the other breast, and I hold his head tenderly, the whorish Madonna beneath an oak tree.

He kisses to my navel and makes it his own, and then on to my mound, softly furred and wet with need. His hands cup my breasts as his tongue finds my clit. The pleasure is all-encompassing - I close my eyes and moan as loudly as I like. Only the ants can hear.

My legs are over his shoulders; his face is buried deep in my pussy and I am in heaven. His tongue is everywhere at once and his mouth covers my vulva, sucking and caressing and licking.

I come, and it's a unique orgasm. The hair stands on the back of my neck, goosebumps rise, and the pleasure is scattered across my skin like raindrops on a lake. It's like touching something divine.

We make love all afternoon, first urgently, and then with great tenderness. We drink wine as the sun goes down, and then make our way home, spent and happy in each other.

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