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The Born Again Virgin Plan

"You're such a romantic!" Kirsty said, laughing.

Despite her protests, Rick had insisted on carrying her over the threshold, her satin wedding dress cascading around them. She was glad he'd done it, even if it was old fashioned and unnecessary.

The wedding had been a success. The small and intimate ceremony had been perfect, just as they'd planned. It didn't matter that her niece, Jemima, had lost her shoe just before the big moment; that just added to the charm of it all. And now they'd officially declared their love before family and friends and signed all the necessary paperwork.

The reception had also been a small affair, a few drinks and some very short speeches. Everyone had complimented Kirsty on her dress and how beautiful she'd looked.

But she'd barely paid attention. Her thoughts had been on Rick the whole time - and on the incessant throb in her cunt.

They'd made a pact in the lead up to the wedding. They'd called it the "born again virgin plan". No sex for two months beforehand - and no masturbation either. They were to keep celibate and "pure" prior to their marriage, keeping to separate beds and only kissing in the most chaste way.

It had been Rick's idea. "Let's make the wedding night special," he'd said. "Pretend we really are virgins."

Kirsty had been sceptical. "I don't think you can keep your hands off it for two months," she'd said with a quirky smile.

Rick laughed. "Hah! You're one to talk. You'll be gagging for it by the end. Anyway, it will make the whole thing more fun and exciting, don't you think?"

Berating him for being a foolish romantic, she'd finally agreed. It couldn't hurt to amp up the emotion of their wedding day and make it a little more meaningful.

At first it had been easy. Rick had moved to the spare room and she'd enjoyed having the bed to herself. For a while she hadn't really missed the physical contact with her soul mate. It felt good to have a break, to try and interact on a purely platonic level.

It didn't last. As the days stretched out to weeks and the wedding plans stepped up the pace, Kirsty found herself increasingly restless and very, very horny. She couldn't pay attention at work and tasks like organising the guest lists and catering simply made her think about the final result of the wedding - the moment when she could scratch that increasingly desperate itch.

They'd almost given in ten days out from the ceremony. What was supposed to be a gentle welcome-home-from-work peck had morphed into a wild and passionate tongue kiss, complete with roving hands and Rick's hard cock pressing against her. Her pussy responded quickly, her muscles clenching in anticipation. She'd been prepared to throw it all away right then, romance be damned!

But Rick had put a stop to it. With an effort of will, he'd pushed her away and taken a deep breath. "No," he'd said. "Let's keep to the pact. It will be worth it, I swear."

And so they'd kept their promise, even if it meant they were distracted at the wedding, each counting the seconds until they could finally be together.

Now there was nothing to stop them. They had the hotel suite to themselves and two months worth of built-up lust to satisfy.

Rick walked to the couch and sat down, pulling her into his lap. Their lips met greedily, their kiss intense. He scrabbled at her dress and pulled it up, running his hands up her thighs until he met the hot, wet lips of her cunt.

"No panties?" he asked.

"I took them off at the reception," she grinned, and kissed him again, her breath catching as he plunged his fingers into her soaking pussy. Oh god, how she'd longed for this! Within moments of his fingers touching her clit, she was ready to come. Gritting her teeth, she held the tide of pleasure back, wanting to prolong the moment a little longer.

It became harder when he pushed her back onto the couch and dived between her legs, his tongue probing her folds like a starving man. He knew exactly where and how to lick her, half smiling as he looked up and watched her face, contorted with pleasure.

It was too much. The orgasm shook her like a seismic shift, making her shudder and moan with joy. The relief of it was palpable, as though a punishing thirst had been slaked. Yet still she wanted more.

Rick stood and unzipped his pants. His much-loved thick erection jutted out in front of him like a beacon of lust. She was impatient to feel him inside her and knelt on the couch, presenting her ass to him.

"Fuck me, hubby," she said.

He laughed. "Hubby. Oh, I like that." Kneeling behind her, he slid his cock home, her juicy pussy offering no resistance. Kirsty moaned, loving the feeling of having him inside her. The two were one, at last.

He fucked her with easy strokes and she felt the head of his cock rubbing her g-spot. The orgasm was building again and she didn't resist it, letting it gather and burst like a summer storm, shivers rolling across her body as she bucked beneath him.

"I want to watch your face as you come," she said, moving to straddle him. Then she rode him, steadily harder and faster, watching intently as the pleasure built on his face, inexorable and adored.

At last he groaned and released himself, his climax making him shudder between her thighs, his forehead creased with absolute pleasure. His orgasm lasted a long time and she rode him until the last spasms had disappeared.

She hugged him as they caught their breath. Their flesh was trembling with the aftermath of release. Finally she kissed him tenderly, her heart filled with love.

"Was it worth it?" he asked her.

She nodded and smiled. "Oh definitely, hun. Two months is a long time to wait but that was just incredible."

He nodded. "You were incredible," he said, kissing her. "We should try celibacy more often," he joked.

She shook her head. "No way. Once was quite enough, thank you. I don't think I could do it again without going completely insane. And besides, we're married. We're supposed to fuck constantly from now on. It says so on the marriage certificate."

He laughed and kissed her, his cock already growing hard again.

"Well... rules are rules," he said.

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