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Switching Off

Michelle walked into the spare room and swore under her breath

James had been playing his stupid computer game for two weeks. He'd become so engrossed in it that he'd barely spoken to her in the last three days. He didn't look up or acknowledge her as she approached the desk, he was so focused on blowing away digital bad guys, his hands and arms tense as he hammered the keys.

She thought about how his hand moved when he masturbated for her, relaxed and yet urgent. It had been too long since they'd made love and she felt neglected and horny.

She was determined to get his attention.

Sidling up to him, she kissed his earlobe and nuzzled his neck, sliding her arms around him. She loved the way his chest was so firm beneath her touch. He kept fit and she liked that. She moved her mouth to his ear and began to whisper in her best sexy voice.

"My pussy needs you, honey. It's wet and ready, waiting. I want you to slide your tongue into my cunt, baby, and lick me until I come."

James kept pressing the keys as though he hadn't heard her.

She persisted. "And then I'm going to kneel in front of you and take out your lovely cock. It's going to be hard and ready for me. And I'm going to suck it, just how you like it, licking under the head and running my tongue up and down. You'll be bursting to fuck me, I'll give you the best blowjob you've ever had. And then you're going to want to bend me right over so you can slide your big, hard cock into my-"

"Give me five minutes, hun," James said, nudging her away from him.

Michelle stood shocked for a moment. Her eyes narrowed.

Abruptly she turned the computer off and the screen went blank. James looked at her with a perplexed and slightly wounded expression but she was determined to ignore it. Pushing the keyboard away she sat on the desk in front of her man and opened her legs, her eyes hard on his face.

"Enough," she said. "I want to fuck."

Slowly he came back to her. She saw his eyes move to her breasts and the bare skin of her thighs. She saw his attention shift from his imaginary world to the reality of the moment, the here-and-now of warm flesh and desire. His gaze came back into focus and in them she saw that he, too, needed intimacy.

He opened his arms and she moved into his embrace, their kiss hot and urgent. She straddled him on the chair and peeled off her shirt and bra. He bit and licked her nipples with barely constrained hunger. She could feel his cock pressing into her crotch and ached to feel it inside her.

Doing as she promised, she knelt and freed his member from his shorts. Welcoming an old friend, she consumed him greedily, her mouth moving over the hot skin of his cock with expert skill. Soon he was squirming under her ministrations, his hands in her hair as she sucked on his impressive glans.

Lifting her gently, he pushed her back onto the computer table to return the favour, pushing aside her panties and eagerly plunging his tongue into her cunt, licking every inch of her folds before placing his whole mouth over her slit. He sucked on her clit and she moaned with delight, feeling the orgasm threaten to escape before time.

She knelt on the office chair and presented her ass to him, aching to feel his cock inside her. Doggy style was her favourite; his slightly curved penis rubbed against her g-spot and made her crazy. Gripping her hips, he slid his cock home, hard and sure and she sighed with pleasure. Reaching under to finger her clit, she pushed back against him as he began to move, fucking her with sure, fast strokes.

This. This was what she had wanted. Him, giving all of himself and all of his attention to her, connecting and communing with her, the two of them sharing pleasure with each other.

With a shudder she came, the orgasm rolling out from her cunt and rebounding throughout her body, her nerves tingling with joy. Within seconds he followed her, pushing deep into her cunt and grunting as he came.

Spent, he withdrew and she stood to kiss him, her body still trembling. "Now, that was better than a game, don't you think?"

He pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry, hun," he said. "I get a little caught up."

She smiled. "Well, let's make a deal," she said. "You can play your game as long as I can interrupt you any time I like."

He grinned. "Done. I need more of this kind of interruption."

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