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About For The Girls

For The Girls was launched in June 2003 and is now the largest adult site for women on the internet. It combines a wide variety of explicit content chosen to suit female tastes with an expansive online magazine.

The site aims to offer the ultimate portal for heterosexual women to explore erotic material within a sex-positive space.

For The Girls also offers a variety of erotic fiction written for women. All stories published reflect the female experience of sex and meet high standards of writing.

For The Girls believes erotic fiction can be so much more than just a detailed description of the sex act. Written erotica provides a doorway to explore the emotions and complicated social dramas surrounding sex, and can shine a light on the human condition.

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 For The Girls 4th Birthday Fiction Competition Results

To celebrate our 4th birthday, For The Girls once again conducted an erotic fiction competition. Our aim was to uncover the ultimate example of sexy writing created expressly for women. Our theme this time around was "discovery".

This year we received over 60 entries and again it was an amazing experience to read what was on offer. As in the past the quality ranged from the truly awful to the simply sublime, and the stories encompassed many different viewpoints, scenarios and ideas. The standout stories were those that went beyond mere blow-by-blow descriptions of sex and instead explored the relationships, motivations and quirky kinks behind the act. Writing to a theme presented a challenge for some, but others embraced it wholeheartedly, with some wonderful results.

Once again our shortlist contained more stories than prizes and this year choosing our winners and honorable mention stories was tricky. It was really difficult deciding on the top three because so many of the high-ranking stories were so very good.

The judges paid attention to the following when reading an entry: characterisation, setting, good sex and of course, the theme of discovery. Writing technique, spelling, grammar and phrasing were important, as was the ability of the writer to follow our rules.

In the end we chose the following fabulous stories. Congratulations to the winners!

Kindling For The Flame by J.D. Sampson
Judge's comments: There's a bittersweet tone to this wonderfully written story which depicts a woman's first time on the beach with her husband-to-be. The language perfectly invokes the moment and allows the reader to feel every sensation and every emotion. This story embraces the theme of discovery and brings it to life in a positive and beautiful way.

J. D. wins $200 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

Blindspot by Elspeth Potter
Judge's comments: This pegging story is dripping with pure sex and is made a little more thrilling through the use of a blind female protagonist. We experience an orgy through tough, sound and smell - quite the erotic experience - and discover how it feels to fuck another person. Pass the vibrator, please.

Elspeth wins $100 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

Duet by Kat Cox
Judge's comments: This literary rendering of a mutual masturbation session stands out thanks to its unusual language, semi-surreal scenario and sometimes shocking flashes of honesty. It's hot in a distinctly cerebral way, giving us a glimpse of male lust and the secret of female desire.

Kat wins $50 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

We're happy to award Honorable Mention prizes to the following stories, which were all very impressive.

By The Light Of The Moon by Julia Rebecca
Judge's comments: Sex with another woman is a popular fantasy and this story does a great job of depicting a first encounter within the context of two swinging couples. It's erotic, realistic and refreshingly funny. Good fun.

14 October 1806 by Ann Regentin
Judge's comments: Ann's moving story is based on the real-life relationship between the poet Goethe and his mistress, Christiane, a unique idea that helped this story to stand out. The author brings the story to life with subtlety and skill, her beautiful use of language evoking the spirit of all the great romances and depicting sex as a sacred act.

Daddy's Pillow by Rita Winchester
Judge's comments: Never mind the Freudian implications, this story is extraordinarily sexy, combining phone sex, power play and DIY spanking. The characters and relationship are believeable and the writing is very easy to read. Slide-off-the-seat material.

Psychology 101 by Jan Darby
Judge's comments: Combining psychology with the fantasy of in flagrante delicto makes for a cracking read. This is a well written, sexy story with a cheeky sense of humour. The writer embraces the competition theme with a huge grin on her face.

Incubus by Angela Cameron
Judge's comments: Vampire erotica faces the danger of being clichéd but Angela pulls it off here, producing a story that thrums with dark passion and lust. Yes, Virginia, there are vampires, and they want to make you come.

Welcome to the City by Carrie Swan
Judge's comments: This is a fun story of an older woman's seduction of a young, naive man from the country. Carrie takes this prime fantasy material and does a fine job bringing it to life, creating a seriously erotic scenario that gets the juices flowing.

The Best Supporting Role by Sally Quilford
Judge's comments: Ladies, start your "shagging Brad Pitt" fantasies. Sally's story of an erotic encounter with a soon-to-be-famous actor hits all the right buttons and offers a satisfying ending to boot.

Find The Right Type by Jim Baker
Judge's comments: This story cleverly uses erotic writing itself as a player in the creation of a sexual scenario, giving a distinctly postmodern twist to the standard boss-and-secretary tryst.

Almond by Rebecca Adams
Judge's comments: This story of a prostitute's visit to a disabled man provides a different perspective on sex while still creating an erotic charge. Some of the dialogue is clinical but overall it's a pleasing read.

Quite Contrary by Allison Wonderland
Judge's comments: A wry tale of a middle-aged woman's first experience of masturbation, this story features an engaging character in the form of Mary. Despite occasionally going overboard with description, the writing holds the reader's interest right until the end.

All Honorable Mention stories receive $10 and 1 month's membership to For The Girls.

We'd like to thank all the authors who submitted their entries to the competition and who helped make it such a success.

If you want to read these great stories, you'll have to join!!

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