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About For The Girls

For The Girls was launched in June 2003 and is now the largest adult site for women on the internet. It combines a wide variety of explicit content chosen to suit female tastes with an expansive online magazine.

The site aims to offer the ultimate portal for heterosexual women to explore erotic material within a sex-positive space.

For The Girls also offers a variety of erotic fiction written for women. All stories published reflect the female experience of sex and meet high standards of writing.

For The Girls believes erotic fiction can be so much more than just a detailed description of the sex act. Written erotica provides a doorway to explore the emotions and complicated social dramas surrounding sex, and can shine a light on the human condition.

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 For The Girls 3rd Birthday Fiction Competition Results

To celebrate our 3rd birthday, For The Girls once again conducted an erotic fiction competition. Our aim was to uncover the ultimate example of sexy writing created expressly for women. Our theme this time around was cunnilingus.

This year we received just over 50 entries. Reading through them all was quite an experience. There were a huge range of sexual scenarios and viewpoints on offer. There were plenty of blow-by-blow accounts of intercourse, but there were also a number of very well-written pieces that captured the erotic imagination. It's always nice to read a story with nicely rounded characters, a good plot and a real effort to build sexual tension. We received quite a few lesbian/girl-girl stories this year, as well as a surprising number of stories dwelling on infidelity.

Once again our shortlist contained more stories than prizes, so choosing our winners and honorable mention stories was the result of much re-reading and contemplation. We have decided to award 1 month's membership to For The Girls to all our winners.

The judges paid attention to the following when reading an entry: characterisation, setting, good sex and of course, the necessary act of cunnilingus. Writing technique, spelling, grammar and phrasing were important, as was the ability of the writer to follow our rules.

In the end we chose the following fabulous stories. Congratulations to the winners!

Teaching Teresa by Gwen Masters.
Judge's comments: Gwen has captured that special moment when a woman experiences cunnilingus for the first time. Beautifully written with believeable characters, this story approaches the subject matter with humour. romance and emotion, offering up a fantasy to which many women can relate.

Gwen wins $200 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

Gloria by Jordan Castillo Price
Judge's comments: This story is slide-off-the-seat material. The idea of a glory hole for women is original and quirky and the concept is realised well via the male point of view. Never mind the logistics of it, this is sexual fantasy at its finest.

Jordan wins $100 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

A Smile for Celeste by Alisha Steele
Judge's comments: This story tells of the sexual re-awakening of an older divorced woman at the hands of a young man. The reader feels for the main character and the sex is very erotic. A pleasure to read.

Alisha wins $50 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

We're happy to award Honorable Mention prizes to the following stories, which were all very impressive.

Paint by Skyler White
Judge's comments: "Paint" stood out because it was different. This story has been very cleverly written and it doesn't use cliches. The description of being "painted" is distinctly sensual and it makes the reader feel what the female protagonist is feeling. It's very sexy too. This story was shortlisted for the top three but didn't quite make it.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner by Andrea Dale
Judge's comments: It's not often a story can make you feel horny and hungry at the same time, but this one had me hankering for lobster and asparagus. Combining dominance and submission with food is great fun. Small grammatical errors detract but overall this is a fabulous story.

Perverts by Nikki Sinclair
Judge's comments: The distinctly male, working-class viewpoint makes this piece of fiction feel like a cross between a standard porno story and Brokeback Mountain, but behind the swagger there's an amusing story that turned me on. The characters are interesting and the twist at the end is good fun.

The Silk Scarf Appetizer by N. S. Faulk
Judge's comments: This story of a two cyberlovers and a blindfold provides a journey into the realm of the senses. The ending feels unfinished but the eroticism of the preceding paragraphs lessens the frustration.

Temptations In The Heartland by Nicole Holland
Judge's comments: Nicole's piece provides a welcome burst of humour at the start, and setting an erotic story in potato country is certainly different. The sex scene goes on a little too long but overall this is a very enjoyable story.

I'm Just A Depeche Mode Kind Of Girl by Annabella
Judge's comments: This story of helpless infidelity beautifully captures the essence of sexual tension and flirting. The rock music references are a nice touch and the sex is hot. Occasional bad phrasing detracts but overall it's a good read.

Adelle by Rowan Elizabeth
Judge's comments: Despite being written in a relaxed, first-person tone, this lesbian romance story makes for rather intense reading. The sex scene depicting the first touch of tongue to clit is a little too brief, but in the context of the story it fits well.

Swing Shift by Clayton Holiday
Judge's comments: A nice glimpse into a man's love for his wife and her cunt, all neatly trussed into a sex swing. The story is a little too short and needs a better ending but the eager lustiness of the writing makes up for it.

The Teacher by Marci Clark
Judge's comments: This story about brief fling at a training conference offers the thrill of flirting with a stranger and some seriously hot sex. There's nothing too surprising here but the story is well written and enjoyable to read.

The Vitality of Youth by Gwen Masters
Judge's comments: Another "older woman, younger guy scenario" but this one is wonderful because it subverts the standard order of sex; we get cunnilingus after male ejaculation and it's a pleasant surprise. Once again Gwen's writing is superb.

All Honorable Mention stories receive $10 and 1 month's membership to For The Girls.

We'd like to thank all the authors who submitted their entries to the competition and who helped make it such a success.

If you want to read these great stories, you'll have to join!!

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