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About For The Girls

For The Girls was launched in June 2003 and is now the largest adult site for women on the internet. It combines a wide variety of explicit content chosen to suit female tastes with an expansive online magazine.

The site aims to offer the ultimate portal for heterosexual women to explore erotic material within a sex-positive space.

For The Girls also offers a variety of erotic fiction written for women. All stories published reflect the female experience of sex and meet high standards of writing.

For The Girls believes erotic fiction can be so much more than just a detailed description of the sex act. Written erotica provides a doorway to explore the emotions and complicated social dramas surrounding sex, and can shine a light on the human condition.

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 For The Girls 2nd Birthday Fiction Competition Results

To celebrate our 2nd birthday, For The Girls conducted an erotic fiction competition. Our aim was to uncover the ultimate example of sexy writing created expressly for women.

We had a huge response, with nearly 100 stories submitted and 81 stories being eligible for judging. Reading through them all was quite an experience. There were a huge range of sexual scenarios and viewpoints on offer. Some stories were merely blow-by-blow descriptions of intercourse while others were more interested in exploring the emotional and psychological aspects of sex. There were some ultra-romantic Fabio-type trysts and some out-and-out dirty encounters. There were a few absolutely fabulous stories that we were unable to accept because they contained violence or issues of non-consent.

While the quality of the stories submitted did vary greatly, we did end up with more winning stories than we had prizes. So choosing our winners and honorable mention stories proved to be quite difficult and our final list of winners was compiled after much discussion. We've also decided to give every winning entry a full month's membership to For The Girls.

The judges paid attention to the following when reading an entry: characterisation, setting, good sex and of course, the necessary female orgasm. Writing technique, spelling, grammar and phrasing were important, as was the ability of the writer to follow our rules.

In the end we chose the following fabulous stories. Congratulations to the winners!

Loving Ben by D.R.
Judge's comments: This story had me completely enthralled by the second paragraph. This is a very, very sexy piece of erotic fiction full of longing, secret looks and hot, dirty sex… it's fabulous. It also has a good dose of reality about it. This story is about women in long term relationships, about the need for fantasy, about lost opportunities. This story gave me an ache of emotion deep in my belly AND it really turned me on.

D.R. wins $200 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

Her Fantasy by Gwen Masters
Judge's comments: What a hot story! There's a real tension between these characters, genuine lust and feeling for each other. The buildup is glorious, the dialogue is superbly erotic and I like the way the author has explored the ideas of feelings and possible actions within the framework of a fantasy. The sex is also extremely hot. A great story.

Gwen wins $100 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

The Secret of Bread by Rebecca McIntyre
Judge's comments: Who'd have thought that bread and flour could be so sexy? This story is fab. The main character is intelligent and believable. She goes on a sexual journey, and she finds herself in the end, stronger and happier. I like that she acknowledges the adultery; this is a story with consequences. The sex is a little rushed, but then again that's the nature of the encounter. All in all, a very enjoyable read.

Rebecca wins $50 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

We're happy to award Honorable Mention prizes to the following stories, which were all very impressive.

A Quiet Afternoon by Julia Rebecca
Judge's comments: This story brought a goofy smile to my face. It's a sweet premise, and nice to see older people depicted in an erotic story. My only complaint is that after the surprise is revealed the story keeps going, and it's almost an anticlimax in a way. That aside, it has a good buildup and a sexy atmosphere, even if the sex is relatively tame. I like this one.

A Warm Reception by Jan Darby
Judge's comments: Phew. A very sexy story. It offers the thrill of being watched mixed with the recognition of what it's like to have bad sex. Great female perspective. The ending is unfortunately a little rushed, but beyond that it's great.

If She Wanted by Connie Lawrence
Judge's comments: This story is a glorious glimpse into the realm of sexual possibility and the sexiness of ideas. It's extremely erotic, with a lovely ending. The author's quest to depict some of the psychological aspects of this encounter can occasionally be confusing, but overall it's a very sexy story.

In Reference To... by Savannah Jordan
Judge's comments: This story has a distinct romance novel feel to it, so it's slightly melodramatic but still very enjoyable. Nice twist at the end. The sex is kind of vanilla but it fits the tone of the piece.

Kate's Initiation by Hannah Moure
Judge's comments: This story offers a wonderful panorama of the average hetero woman's lesbian seduction fantasy. Nice character interaction, erotic dialogue and some very hot sex. The scenario is easy to believe and realistic. Occasional bad phrasing detracts but it's still a great piece of writing.

Once Upon A Tale by JD Sampson
Judge's comments: This is a fun story, with a wonderful sense of humor; I laughed out loud in places. Not many erotic stories embrace a sense of the absurd. Nice to see a bit of fantasy involved as well. It's different, and it's very likeable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Kristina Wright
Judge's comments: Spicy sex toy fantasy with a good sense of humour. Well written with a likeable male character and a realistic lead female character. The scenario is very erotic, and it's good to see the focus entirely on the woman's pleasure.

The Get OFF Club by Veronica Ash
Judge's comments: This story offers a very original and appealing idea, and explores it with gusto. The scenario is well thought out and the sex is erotic. There's some clumsy phrasing here and there but overall it's a great story.

The Power of Imagination by BJ Franklin
Judge's comments: A lovely stroll through the fantasies of another woman as she masturbates. The intimate first person narrative gives the reader a feeling of comfort and there's an everywoman quality about her fantasies that means the situation is probably familiar to ever woman who reads this. Great sex scenes too.

The Writer's Muse by Gwen Masters
Judge's comments: Nice piece of work. It's good to see a story where there's a solid relationship behind the sex. This is also very realistic sex… there's laughter, there's impatience, there's stained carpet. I quite like the postmodernist twist of a story within a story as well. Overall, a great piece.

All Honorable Mention stories receive $10 and 1 month's membership to For The Girls.

This story stood out from the rest because it smilingly encapsulates everything we try to offer here at For The Girls. Unfortunately it doesn't quite qualify as an entry in our competition because there's no obvious female orgasm, but we liked it so much we wanted to give the author a special prize.

What Women Want by Mary M.
Judge's comments: Great story. Very cute, it says all that we want to say. It has a good sense of humour and suggests a great deal.

We'd like to thank all the authors who submitted their entries to the competition and who helped make it such a success.

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