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About For The Girls

For The Girls was launched in June 2003 and is now the largest adult site for women on the internet. It combines a wide variety of explicit content chosen to suit female tastes with an expansive online magazine.

The site aims to offer the ultimate portal for heterosexual women to explore erotic material within a sex-positive space.

For The Girls also offers a variety of erotic fiction written for women. All stories published reflect the female experience of sex and meet high standards of writing.

For The Girls believes erotic fiction can be so much more than just a detailed description of the sex act. Written erotica provides a doorway to explore the emotions and complicated social dramas surrounding sex, and can shine a light on the human condition.

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 For The Girls 5th Birthday Fiction Competition

To celebrate our 5th birthday, For The Girls once again conducted an erotic fiction competition. Our aim was to uncover yet another perfect example of sexy writing created expressly for women. Our theme this time around was "transgression" and we aimed to explore some of the darker aspects of sexuality and eroticism.

This year we received over 80 entries and again it was a wonderful experience to read the efforts of the participants. Overall the standard of the entries was very high with many authors outdoing themselves in pursuit of the transgression theme. Interestingly, there were quite a few stories that dealt with the issue of infidelity; certainly the topic is broad and very appealing in its own way. At the same time, some writers chose to approach the idea of transgression from very diverse and unusual angles and this made for some seriously interesting reading - and judging.

The winning story was a clear favourite, although the others that made the shortlist jostled for the top spots. It was difficult choosing the runners up and honorable mention stories, thanks to the high quality of the writing and appeal of each individual story.

The judges paid attention to the following when reading an entry: characterisation, setting, good sex and of course, the theme of transgression. Writing technique, spelling, grammar and phrasing were important, as was the ability of the writer to follow our rules.

In the end we chose the following fabulous stories. Congratulations to the winners!

Julienne by Sommer Marsden
Judge's comments: Exhilerating and undeniably hot, Sommer's intense story of a stale relationship revived at the point of a knife makes for gripping reading. The reader is overcome with a mix of fear and lust as the story unfolds; shock mixes with curiosity and arousal. This is a beautifully written story dealing with complex emotions and it does a sterling job of illustrating the theme of transgression.

Sommer wins $200 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

A Lover In The House Of Spies by Alicia Night Orchid
Judge's comments: Cue the James Bond music - only 007 was never this dirty. Through a series of flashbacks and vignettes, we discover the twin stories of a mother and her daughter, both searching for fulfilment amid secrecy and lies. Oh, and there's a lot of the cool secret agent stuff to boot. The story works on numerous levels and leaves the reader with a lingering sense of mystery.

Alicia wins $100 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

Surprise Me by Louisa Harte
Judge's comments: Public sex is always a thrilling idea and a great subject for a story dealing with transgression. Louisa's writing is a pleasure to read and she shows a deft hand at ramping up the erotic tension.

Louisa wins $50 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

We're happy to award Honorable Mention prizes to the following stories, which were all very impressive.

Tech Support by Sommer Marsden
Judge's comments: Sommer scores again with a delightfully erotic story about a woman's secret attraction to the tech guy. The writing comes alive thanks to a fondness for the small details that make sexual encounters really sizzle. And the sex itself is hot.

Secret Mercy by Giselle Renarde
Judge's comments: A wry yet sexy meditation on what it means to be truly naughty, to trangress beyond one's own limits. Giselle's story is deliciously dirty as its heroine seeks to keep her own secrets and hooks up with an old, married lover - for a price.

Robo by Erin O'Riordan
Judge's comments: The idea of a furtive lesbian encounter with a sex mannequin is certainly unusual but Erin pulls it off beautifully, adding a splash of hot sex within a straight relationship to boot. A nicely written exploration of fantasy and masturbation that leaves you wondering what else cleaners do after hours.

Glass Houses by Heidi Champa
Judge's comments: Lesbians, strap-ons, erotic power play and transgression make for a heady mix and this story certainly gets the juices flowing. The writing does focus primarily on the sex scene but it never becomes bogged down in detail.

Looking by Cerise Noire
Judge's comments: It's fun to watch the neighbours but what happens when the voyeurism becomes mutual? Cerise packs a lot into her story and it feels a trifle clumsy sometimes. Overall, however, the plot and characterisation are pleasing and well worth the effort.

The Virgin Mary by Rowan Elizabeth
Judge's comments: Take one sex act, mix generously with a plethora of religious imagery, add a touch of Catholic guilt and voila! You have an exquisite erotic story that looks at the transgressive nature of unmarried sex within Christianity while turning the reader on. Good fun.

A Window To Change by Sarah Waterman
Judge's comments: This story touches those forbidden fantasies involving dangerous sex with an unseen stranger, throwing in a nice lashing of exhibitionism to boot. The writing could be tighter in places but the sheer arousing nature of this story and mystery ending makes it very likeable indeed.

Indiscretion by Angela Cameron
Judge's comments: There's a dark undertone to this story about marital infidelity. The erotic powerplay between a husband and his cheating wife raises plenty of questions and ramps up the sexual tension.

Talitha's World by PS Cassidy
Judge's comments: There is something strangely compelling about this tale of two buttoned-down people who break free from constrictive upbringings. The passive tone, ordinarily dreary, works well here and the extremely understated nature of the erotic encounter makes everything sweeter and more intense.

Stall by Marni Molina
Judge's comments: A fun tale of re-ignited passion, flirting and a hot masturbation session at work. The story is relatively simple but does a good job of elaborating on sexual fantasy and the moment of orgasm. A few clumsy phrases here and there don't detract from the overall result.

All Honorable Mention stories receive $10 and 1 month's membership to For The Girls.

We'd like to thank all the authors who submitted their entries to the competition and who helped make it such a success.

If you want to read these great stories, you'll have to join!!


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