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Our philosophy is fairly simple. We know that women are sexual beings. We know that women enjoy looking at sexually explicit material. And we know that women also want to be entertained, informed and given their money’s worth. So For The Girls - ezine and erotica for women aims to keep you satisfied, in every possible way
erotica for womenThe theory that “women don’t like porn” is just stupid, old-fashioned nonsense. Why? Because we’re proof. If something doesn’t appeal to us, we don’t put it on this site. As far as we’re concerned, we’re offering what we think a good women’s adult site should be. Because we’ve looked at the others and they just don’t measure up to our standards. It’s time women were offered quality, erotica and intelligent porn, and we want to be the site that offers it.

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Lusty Couples
When it comes to couples pics, we have the full spectrum. You can enjoy sensual romantic scenarios, full on nasty hardcore fucking, or indulge in fetish pics, orgies, lesbian daydreams or classic female fantasies. All photos have been chosen especially to cater to women's desires, so you know you're getting pics where the woman comes first!
Naked Men
You want them - we've got them! Every kind of man, in all shapes and sizes. Hunks, centerfolds, big dicks, black studs, amateur guys, men in briefs, beefy bodybuilders, arty types, outdoor men, guys next door, men in underwear! Watch them get naked, teasing and exposing every inch of hard flesh. Peek on them in the shower or in their bedrooms. See them masturbate and even suck their own dicks. And then admire them while they do the dishes… 100% gorgeous. 100% straight.
Erotic Fiction
We know you’re sick of reading bad sex stories. So we’ve gone out of our way to write and find some of the best erotic fiction on the internet. Our stories have been written with women in mind, and with a focus on HER pleasure. Rest assured, this is quality erotic fiction! Indulge your imagination with our fascinating sex fantasies and steamy erotica for women. Read about: group sex, seduction at the beach, bdsm fantasy, romantic reunion, first time lesbian encounters, role-swapping, science fiction fantasies, male virgin, erotic massage…
Male Strippers
If you enjoy male strip shows, you’re going to love our movies featuring real live male strippers. These videos were filmed at real strip shows in Britain and capture all the thrill and laughter - not to mention perving - of a male strip revue. This really is the Full Monty, and the male strippers are simply gorgeous!! Now you can enjoy your own private strip shows in the comfort of your own home. So grab a glass of champagne and get ready for a wild night!
Strip Search
We put the word out and they came - eager amateur men keen to do a strip show in their own home! You won’t believe the hilarious results as these would be male strippers take the floor. One thing’s for sure, white men cannot dance!
Sexy Hardcore Movies
If raunchy hardcore videos make you horny baby, then our special selection of hardcore porn movies will have you feeling hot and wet.

What's NEW at For The Girls

January Centerfold - Will, a cute firefighter from Los Angeles
Feature Article - Scandal! Celebrity Sex Tapes - From Paris to Pam, stars caught in the act
Grandma Scrotum - Our favorite old lady reflects on life in an in depth interview
Amateur of The Month - Sizzling pics of this hottie from Nebraska
Porn Bloopers - The pics and movies they don't want you to see
Movies - Cunnilingus movie clips
Featured Fiction - Wheel of Fornication - A sexy game of chance and lust...

Great Reading

Want more? We’ve got a huge archive of feature articles on a huge range of topics. Did you know that Barbie was based on a German sex doll? Or that the southern right whale has the largest penis in the world? We talk to men who can suck their own dicks, and ask if they ever leave the house. We interview the hunks from Puppetry of the Penis and they show us the dick trick that's too rude for the stage show (the photos are hilarious)! We uncover the history of the vibrator, and reveal the amazing lives of sex “teachers”. Plus, we’ve got regular columns that will have you in stitches.
Sex Advice
Our resident sexpert dishes out all the answers you’ve been wanting to know but were afraid to ask… Whether it’s penis size, orgasms, lesbian fears or the taste of semen, we have the advice you’ve been looking for!
We review the latest sex toys and adult films available from a female perspective. And we check out mainstream movies to find the best sex scenes and scenarios!
Ask Luke
Need to fix your car? Want to brew your own beer? The mysterious world of boy stuff is revealed thanks to our resident man-about-the-shed, Luke. Plus all those scary boy questions that may be best left unasked…
Fun Things
Flash games, jokes, screensavers, e-cards, cartoons, porn bloopers, and of course, the wit and wisdom of Grandma Scrotum.
There's lots more erotica for women and hot porn for women, updated regulary- take the tour!!

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"Inside the members area it is raining men. Some of it is couples content, but most of it is very hunky men taking it all off. Too much to count. There are also frequent articles about sexuality, reviews of videos and toys all written from a female perspective. Plenty of erotic fiction that is short, sweet and to the point. This site just goes on and on. And it is updated frequently with regular features."

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