For The Girls was launched in June 2003. We decided to start our own adult site because there was nothing out there that appealed to us. We both like porn, but we don't like the negative, sexist and male-oriented stuff offered by most sites and movies. For The Girls is a labor of love and our ideal erotic site. What's wonderful is that a lot of other women feel the same way as us and have shared our vision.
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No Spam, No Dodgy Stuff
We're An Honest site
For The Girls does not engage in any dishonest practices. We do not send spam emails or send any kind of unsolicited email. We do not collect addresses to sell to third parties. There is no malicious software on this site and nothing will be installed on your computer if you become a member. There is no advertising inside the site. You will not be signed up to any other service or site when you join.
We Respect Your Privacy
The name of this site or any similar details will not appear on your credit card. It will be under the name "CCBill". For The Girls will not sell or distribute your information. Any info collected is used for your credit card payment, or to contact you if necessary. Your information is kept secure.
Easy To Cancel
No Fine Print
Once you join For The Girls you can cancel at any time via a simple online form operated by our billers, CCBill. You will find a link to this form on the main page of the member's area. It's not hidden, there's no hoops to jump through and no fine print. If you want to go, you go (although we really hope that you'll like us enough to stay a while).
More Reviews
Review by Sir Rodney
"Overall, Mrs. Rodney liked this site, and the erotica made her quite randy, which pleased this reviewer immensely."
Review by Couples Reviews
For the Girls has the "mainstream" hardcore porn appeal, but displays respect for women along with plenty of entertaining, erotic diversions. This is the kind of stuff that's actually worth the money. More than recommended - For the Girls is a must."
What Our Members Say
From MG
"I like this site. It acknowledges women's sexuality and gives us three dimensional tour2images of sex, not the flat kind of traditional porno, where women are so so objectified."
From KB
"Some of the most believable porn you'll ever see - are they actors, or really (believably) attractive real-life couples? And, heck, cunnilingus that happens for more than 20 seconds at a time! Hell yeah!"
From CD
"For the Girls - what every girl has been looking for, a bit of everything for everybody, fun and affordable, a must have on any girls computer"
Who runs this site? Are they female?
For The Girls is run by two women who passionately believe in what we do. Our aim is to create a space where women can enjoy sexually explicit material without feeling degraded or ignored. We personally vet all the content available within the site and reject anything that doesn't meet our standards. The motto is "If it doesn't turn us on, it doesn't make the grade."
What sort of content do you offer?

We offer a variety of adult content including: photos of naked men, videos of naked men masturbating, hetero couples photos, both hardcore and more sensual, video clips of couples having sex, movie streams and downloadable DVDs, photos of amateur men and webcams. We also offer a selection of different content, including fetish, bisexual, girl-girl photos, all of which met the quality standards of For The Girls and allow our members to explore different aspects of porn.

We've also got a huge variety of exclusive written content including erotic fiction written by some of the well-known erotica writers. The stories are predominantly written from a female point of view and all meet our standards for quality and readability. On top of that there are articles, interviews, sex advice, columns, reviews, a daily blog, competitions, horoscopes, jokes, guest writers and a bunch of other great reading.

Are you just a gay site masquerading as a site for women?
No. For The Girls is for women, first and foremost, and our main goal is to offer adult content that women will enjoy. We do offer photos of naked men, but we do not feature hardcore gay content. There are a million other gay sites out there that are offering that sort of thing. We're here to cater to women, although that's not to say we don't welcome anyone who is interested in our particular brand of porn.
How does your content differ from a normal porn site?
We do our best to ensure the female point of view is given priority. Everything is geared towards female pleasure and female fantasy. In a practical sense it means we create our own content that reflects that female viewpoint, and it also means that we present existing photos, videos and movies according to what turns us on and what we feel our members would enjoy. We're always looking for something different, something that depicts the spectrum of human sexuality in a positive way.
Is this site all just "soft girly stuff"?
It's often considered that "porn for women" is all about complicated storylines, soft focus and no real sex. While we quite like the soft focus, sensual stuff, we're also not afraid of offering serious hardcore content. We aim to offer a full range of adult material, from cute guys in briefs to slow, kissy lovemaking to full-on hardcore sex acts, including orgies and anal sex. There's enough material in the members area to satisfy you, no matter how far you want to go.
Aren't you making assumptions about women and what they want?
Well, yes and no. It's clear that women don't all want the same thing, and we can't be everything to everyone. What we're trying to do is offer the kind of content we ourselves would like to see. As mentioned previously, if it turns us on, then we want to feature it. We like to think that if we enjoyed it, there must be other women out there who feel the same. On top of that, we listen to what our members have to say and do our best to cater to their needs. Our version of porn for women may not be to everyone's taste, but we're doing our best to make our female surfers happy.
Why don't you offer a trial membership?
There's a lot of content inside the members area of For The Girls. We believe you need at least a month to enjoy all of it. Your month's membership gives you access to more than 50,000 photos, hundreds of movies, the equivalent to a new women's magazine every month plus access to everything in the archives (that's FIVE YEARS worth of material). We pay talented writers and photographers for their work and we need to make sure they're getting decent recompense.

What's more, many people now make use of content stripping software. A trial would mean these people would take copyrighted material and not give us fair recompense for our work. For The Girls is a big site, and if you join, you WILL get your money's worth.
Will I have to pay anything extra once I join?
All the content within the members area is available to you without extra cost once you join, including the streaming movies and DVD library. We do have an online adult store and a gift guide, but there is no obligation to use this. We also recommend products via our reviews but again there is no obligation to buy anything.
Is the site updated regularly?
The site is updated once a week with new photos, movies and exclusive written content. The daily blog appears… well, daily. And every month we also do a major update with a new centerfold, amateurs and features. Essentially you get the equivalent of a full women's magazine every month.
I'm a hot guy. Can I email you some photos of myself?
For The Girls is happy to accept contributions from amateur guys, although we do not pay for photos. If you are keen to be our Amateur of the Month, send a couple of good photos of you - including pictures where we can see your face - and a short biography to amateurs at If we think you're hot, we'll get back to you.
Wow you girls must be horny if you make porn. Do you chicks put out?
Go away.
I'm from the media and would like to interview you.
Please contact us at media AT forthegirls DOT com and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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